Bob Dold endorses Barrett


Davie campaign gets Bob Dold boost

Former Congressman commends Davie’s fiscally conservative, socially moderate approach

Lake Forest, Ill. (October 14, 2018) – A Lake Forest resident’s bid to unseat incumbent Democratic State Senator Julie Morrison gained more momentum today with the support of Former Congressman Bob Dold.


Barrett Davie, who styles himself as an “independent republican,” shared the endorsement in a statement this morning.


“I’m thrilled to have the support of someone who spent his time in Congress forging bipartisan solutions and serving our community with a strong, independent voice.”


“I look to bring his same common-sense solutions approach to Springfield so that we can reform our broken pension system and rein in on out of control state incomes taxes and local property taxes.”


For his part, Dold, who served two terms in Congress representing much of the current 29th State Senate district commended Barrett for his business acumen and independent approach.


“What we have in Barrett is a guy who knows what is at stake. He’s someone that will put people before politics and tackle our community’s biggest challenges.”


The announcement of Dold’s support highlights similarities between both men: both are moderate, pro-choice, Republicans who have had success reaching voters across the political spectrum on messages of lower taxes and pro-business economic policies.


Barrett Davie, of Lake Forest, is the republican candidate for state senate in Illinois’ 29th state senate district. Davie is the vice chairman of a sports marketing company and co-founder of an early stage business advisory firm. Recently, Davie served as Chairman of the Gorton Community Center and currently serves as the chairman of Bernie’s Book Bank.


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