I’m Barrett Davie and one of the things I am going to bring to Springfield is my collaborative nature. I’ve consistently worked together with people from different perspectives and with diverging viewpoints to get things done.  I’ve done this throughout my personal life, in my businesses career, and as board chair of Bernie’s Book Bank. I’ll bring this approach to Springfield too. 

In our household, we live by a series of guiding principles, and one of those is we don’t focus on who’s right, we focus on what’s right.

We’ve got significant challenges here in Illinois, a series of hard problems we have to solve. The only way we are going to be successful is if we put the egos aside and begin to work together.  Illinois needs capable leaders who know how to build coalitions of stakeholders with differing viewpoints to come together and solve these problems.

This is real work; this is hard work.  I’m committed to doing it.  Unfortunately, I’m just not seeing that out of my opponent and out of many of the folks down in the legislature. It’s time for a change.



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