Protect a woman's right to choose

I believe that the decision to have or not have an abortion is a one that is best left between a woman and her family, the father and her physician - not legislators in Springfield. I will fight for a woman's right to choose.  My opponent is misinforming people trying to make you think that I am not pro-choice.  Those efforts are lies and misrepresentations. However you feel about it, I encourage you to call or email our campaign directly and so that you can hear first hand from me about my perspectives on this very personal issue. Our email is and our phone number is 847-558-7628.

A sleazy guy names Terry Cosgrove from a once formerly reputable organization recently sent an email about my position on abortion rights.  He and his dishonest tactics have been called out by Eric Zorn (the left wing editorialist at the Tribune) and Kristen McQueary at the Chicago Tribune.  Don't let sleazy people like Terry Cosgrove affect your voting decision.  


Eric Zorn of Chicago Tribune "And when I say I will fight to the death against the way he says it, I mean I will write strongly worded columns — this is my second — calling rubbish on his [Terry Cosgrove's] infamous tactics."

Kristen McQueary of Chicago Tribune "For months, the campaign website of Republican state Senate candidate Barrett Davie of Lake Forest has featured a video of him describing his position on abortion: “I’m pro-choice because I believe that having an abortion would be the hardest decision that anyone would ever have to make in their lives,” he says, looking into the camera. “I think it’s a decision that’s best left to a woman and her physician. And that’s why I’ll fight for a woman’s right to choose.”

That didn’t stop Personal PAC, which raises money for Planned Parenthood and other pro-choice organizations, from running an ad on social media claiming exactly the opposite."

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