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My wife and I have three wonderful children who often don't hold back when it comes to discussing serious issues. One such moment came last spring when my fourth-grade son asked me about signs in his school that explain what to do in case of an active shooter situation.

The realization that school shootings could happen in our community was alarming for my son and a sharp reminder for me.  We know, but are too often reminded, that they can occur at any school, in any community, and at any time.  It is easy to feel completely vulnerable, but there are a number of things we can do to make our schools safer without making our places of education feel like military bunkers. 

Northbrook School District 27 has been a leader in infrastructure upgrades and active shooter preparedness.  They were so smart to engage their entire community in the disaster preparation – from synagogues and churches, public safety professionals, teachers, parents, and local government units, people in Northfield Township know what to do if disaster strikes. 

I support efforts to pass sensible gun restriction legislation - such as bump stock restrictions and gun dealer licensing- that can reduce the ability of someone looking to cause violence.  I agree with the leaders at Northbrook District 27 that we can also do more to protect our children. 

After multiple visits with school leaders at District 27, I’ve decided that we should enable more communities to adopt plans similar to the approach in Northbrook.  In my first 100 days as State Senator, I will introduce legislation that will free up funds for school districts looking to implement comprehensive disaster preparedness plans. I believe this is an effort most Republicans and Democrats can support and is part of my effort to bridge the partisan divide in Springfield that inhibits so much progress. 

Please learn more about Northbrook District 27's plan and my perspectives on reducing gun violence by watching the video below.

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