Making Illinois friendly for business

Takeda Pharmaceuticals recently announced the closure of its headquarters in Deerfield.  This is a tragic development for our community and for the approximately 1,000 families affected. 

There are a number of reasons why Takeda has made this decision.  Some of them surely have to do with Springfield malaise deteriorating our state’s business climate, but not everything is about politics.

Not more than a couple of hours after people in our community learned that their jobs are in jeopardy, my opponent Senator Julie Morrison, jumped straight to hyper-partisan finger-pointing, blaming the move on Governor Rauner.

I think it's the hyper-partisan blame game itself that is the most to blame. Businesses and families see our politicians screaming across each other and conclude that there is no one in government serious about solving problems.

If elected to represent you in the State Senate, I’ll focus on building comity and bi-partisan collaboration to help give employers confidence that Illinois is open for business.  



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