Takeda loss symbolizes Senator Morrison’s failed career as State Senator.

Morrison's Response to Departure of Takeda HQ Symbolizes Her Failed Career as State Senator

In response to today's Takeda Pharmaceuticals announcement to close its headquarters in Deerfield, Senator Morrison deflected her own responsibility in a press release and placed all the blame on Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner.  

When Lake County companies are looking to the future they see an obstructionist state legislature that is consistently hostile to their prosperity. Instead of pointing fingers at a governor whose reforms have been thwarted at every turn, Senator Morrison should accept her own responsibility for enabling John Cullerton and Mike Madigan to erode the economic vitality of our state with their out-of-control tax and spend agenda. The loss of Takeda from her hometown symbolizes Senator Morrison’s failed career as an Illinois State Senator. We need new leadership in the Illinois Senate. 

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